For more traditional, architecturally sophisticated homes, the modern, maintenance-free exterior claddings can take away from the character that makes the home so distinctive. The polished details of ornate woodwork and custom moldings can only be properly preserved and displayed with customized exterior painting.

Whether your home needs minor preparation before repainting, or if your home is a gem in the Mexican War Streets that needs a total restoration, Always Perfect has the skill and experience to provide the impeccable look your home deserves.

We also do interior painting. Please see the remodeling page.

Restoration Projects

Always Perfect specializes in the preparation, restoration and re-coating of old, neglected exterior surfaces. Restoration projects involve all or most of the old paint being removed, sanding (lots of sanding), replacement of damaged components, pressure washing, oil-based primer, and a high quality topcoat such as Sherwin-Williams Duration.

Due to the large amount of effort and time involved, Always Perfect typically takes on only one or two of these projects per year. We are not a "scrape and slap on some paint" firm.